Neo-Nazis Are Leaving Their Mark in Uptown

Excerpt via City Pages

A City Pages tipster says he and a friend were out for a sunny stroll near Lake Calhoun on Sunday when they saw a sticker reading “frihetskamp” slapped on a street pole. He looked it up, found a website for the racist Nordic Resistance Movement — which offers some polite literature on purging society of nonwhite, gay, and Jewish people — and had to laugh.

Moving on, he found a good smattering of stickers up and down the block.

Local Neo-nazi hosting Race War Activist at MN State Capitol On May 6

Submission via email


Local Neo-nazi hosting Race War Activist at MN State Capitol On May 6

Saint Paul, Minnesota

May 3rd, 2017

Alexander Rowson is one of the organizers for the “President Trump’s First 100 Days of Triumphs” rally on Saturday May 6th, 2017 at 10am at the State Capitol in St Paul, MN.[1] Rowson is a known fascist who has connections to Identity Evropa, a fascist organization from California known for their White Nationalist posters and rallies targeting college campuses.[2] He’s also one of the leaders of the Alt Right movement in Minnesota. Alexander Rowson lives and works in Burnsville, Minnesota and operates primarily in the Twin Cities.

Rowson was born on November 8th, 1989 in San Francisco, CA. He moved to Moscow, Idaho to attend the University of Idaho to study engineering.[3] While in college, he was active organizer of White Nationalist, fascist and conservative groups on campus. He was president of the College Republicans[4] and the club founder and president of the University of Idaho chapter of Youth for Western Civilization (YWC). YWC is listed has a hate group by Southern Poverty Law Center. The group is funded by “intellectual racist” and editor of the White Nationalist journal “American Renaissance”, Jared Taylor.[5]

More than once Rowson got called out for making racist and discriminating comments and actions. In April 2010 he was involved in an official hearing with his university for racist statements he made during an official school event.[6]

Before moving to Minnesota he briefly lived in Boston and Detroit. Shortly before the election in November 2016, he moved to Burnsville, MN. Soon after settling in Minnesota, Rowson connected with other like minded individuals through a private, invite only online forum that was organized by the Minnesota chapter of Identity Evropa. The forum was used as organizing platform for the Alt Right/White Nationalist movement in Minnesota. Members of the forum commonly shared fascist “memes”, articles from Stormfront and Daily Stormer, as well as internal organizing strategies. Rowson and other members on the forum organized a White Lives Matter rally at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) on February 25th, 2017.[7] [8] The group planned on passing out White Nationalist propaganda in the European history section with the expressed hope of celebrating their white identity.

The planned White lives matter rally got disrupted by antifascists who where holding a counter protest outside. When Alexander Rowson tried entering the building he was accosted by antifascist protestors calling him out for being a Nazi. In response Rowson performed the traditional Nazi salute and yelling “Heil Trump.”[9]

The White lives matter rally at the MIA was not the only public action carried out by the Alt Right movement. Members of Identity Evropa have been responsible for putting up posters and stickers with racist and fascist content on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus and throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul.[10] Rowson expressed support and encouraged members who posted swastika filled flyer across the cities on the Identity Evropa forum.[11]

Following the event at the MIA, Rowson is currently involved in the organzing of the “President Trump’s First 100 Days of Triumphs” rally at the Minnesota State Capital on May 6th, 2017 at 10am. The rally will feature speaker Simon Roche, a member of the South African white separatist group Suidlanders.[12] The group believes that an eminent #WhiteGenocide in South Africa necessitates a decentralized defense and separation of the white population from the countries black majority. The Suidandlers are currently touring the United States, seeking support and trying to raise funds for what they believe is an upcoming “race war” in South Africa.[13] Along with Simon Roche , Alexander Rowson and other Alt Right MN and Identity Evropa members are likely to speak at the event on May 6th, hoping to spread their message of hate.

We call on anti-fascists, community members and legislators to make sure that this event at the Minnesota State Capitol is shut down. NO HATE IN OUR COMMUNITIES! NO NAZIS ON OUR STREETS!

See attached link for counter protest details:

Link for Trump/Suidlander Event Details:


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Twin Cities Anti-Fascists Smash ’White Lives Matter’ Rally

Excerpt via Twin Cities GDC

Minneapolis, MN, February 25th, 2017 – Fascists attempted to hold a “White Lives Matter” rally at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. An anti-fascist coalition exposed them and prevented them from organizing, facing fascist violence in retribution. Anti-fascists were unharmed in the scuffle.

The fascist demonstrators at the museum intending to have a photo op in front of a “White Lives Matter” banner came from a number of different fascist tendencies. In attendance was Identity Evropa: a fascist group composed of a “generation of awakened Europeans” of “non-semitic” heritage. Like many other high-brow white nationalists, they try to bury their ideology behind terms like “cultural biodiversity” and “european heritage”. Other fascists at the rally included those affiliated with the fascist website, The Daily Stormer, as well as nazi pagans.

Photos of fash:


Neo-Nazi Flyers Posted On U Campus

Excerpt via Twin Cities Jewfolk

For the second time in eight days the campus of the University of Minnesota has been hit by anti-Semitism after flyers were posted around campus for a neo-Nazi website on Friday afternoon.

Idan Cohen, the Israel Fellow at University of Minnesota Hillel posted several pictures on Facebook that had been taken by U of M students Alex Reynolds and Theo Menon. Cohen said that this is the ninth reported anti-Semitic incident on campus since December. Menon, in a comment in the photos, said that the one with man in the black shirt is the person who allegedly posted at least some of the flyers.

16730550_10155030652974812_5960100758975649339_nPlease submit any information on this individual to North Star Antifa.

Meet the University of Minnesota College Republicans

Submission via email

The U of M College Republicans first entered anti-fascists’ radar here in the Twin Cities when they invited alt-right provocateur and Breitbart “journalist” Milo Yiannopoulos to campus. Then they painted a “Build the Wall” mural on the Washington Avenue bridge. It certainly isn’t a good look for them that Madison Faupel, their club president, poses with people in blackface and has a Twitter very popular with alt-right accounts and “America First” nationalists.

So, we’d like folks to be properly introduced:

Madison Faupel

1000 University Ave Apt 213 Minneapolis, MN 55414

Parents: 3216 Salem Point Dr SW Rochester, MN 55902

Cell: 507-244-0925

Home: 507-319-7190

And just for good measure, here’s the guy in blackface too:

David Blondon

617 Sunrise Ave Stillwater, MN 55082

Keep our city Nazi and alt-right free! Background on U of M College Republicans here.

Make Racists Afraid Again!

Via Facebook

Counter Protest to “MN March 4 Trump”

March 4th at noon

Minnesota State Capital, St. Paul

Join Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and others in counter-protesting the Minnesota March 4 Trump rally at the state capitol on March 4th at noon.

The election of Donald Trump has emboldened and energized the extreme right in this country. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center more than 1,000 hate crimes occured in the first month after Trump’s election and a full one-third of these hate crimes made direct reference to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. Other acts of hate-based violence made reference to his comments about sexual assault and grabbing pussies. White Supremacists are coming out of the shadows and organizing more openly. Join SDS on March 4th to send them packing, to make racists afraid again, by counter-protesting the Minnesota March 4 Trump.

The movement against Trump is gaining steam nationally with increased militance. SDS sees this increased militancy as a good thing and want to encourage this development in Minnesota too. A diversity of tactics is needed in bringing forth a better world, and people should engage how they see fit.

Make Racists Afraid Again!
Pussy Grabs Back!
No Trump, No KKK, No Racist U.S.A.!